I am Brittany Patrice! Go figure!

You are here because you are intrigued by me! Don’t lie! I am a believer of truth and honesty. I do not have a specific style of blogging. I simply write about what I feel, what needs to be read, and what has to be discussed. I have the gift of gab and tend to start much needed conversations about certain topics. My sense of humor and intellect combined makes me a great writer and conversationalist. Not to toot my own horn but I am pretty dope!

I can make you laugh by my humor. I can make you cry by my experiences. I can be petty but sophisticated. I can give you tea and give you knowledge. I am just multifaceted!

You will read a plethora of blogs from me that are mainly my opinion. I welcome all opinions but please remember to be respectful. You don’t go into someones home and disrespect them now do you? Don’t answer that because some of y’all don’t have any home training! I don’t expect everyone to like my opinions or agree with them. Matter of fact, I welcome all opposing arguments. That is how we grow as a people by understanding where others are coming from. Now just because I understand your point of view does not mean I agree with it. That just means I took the time to see why you think the way you do and how you formulated your opinion. I expect the same understanding in return.

 I will let you in on areas of my life that are very personal to me. I ask that you not judge. I will let you in on areas that are near and dear to my heart. I ask that you show empathy. I will share with you good news that comes in to my life. I ask that you celebrate with me(If you don’t, you’re a hater!) Be with me on this journey called life. 

Let me know what you want me to write about. Drop some ideas and pick my brain.